Tuesday, August 10, 2010

35: All Gone :(

Well the time came for the birds to go on their happy way to a new home as we have moved out of out lovely NY house. So sad to see them go!

In summation of this project, the raising and tending to of backyard chickens was a very wonderful experience! Some work was involved, of course, but the birds were just wonderful and I had an extremely enjoyable two years as a farmer. Unfortunately, the home in California where we are moving does not allow for poultry raising... yet. I will work on it!!

Here is a last look at the ladies:
Loved them all!!!!! Good luck in your new home!!! And if any readers need to be enabled in order to take on a backyard chicken project, please please send me a note! I would be happy to share my tips!


Friday, March 19, 2010

34. Spring has sprung!

What a change from snowy day to birds-a-chirping!
It has been in the 60's this past week and oh wow, spring is in the air and bumping up from the ground. The baby and I woke up from a nap to squawking and hollaring from our flock outside (click the highlighted words to see the video). When I went out to investigate look what was right above their heads up in the tree!
A pair have made the woods around us their home for a few years now and it is wonderful to hear their hoots back and forth. I don't think they will take a chicken since our birds are good sized and governed by two very large roosters, but that did not stop the warning calls! Rather, the seeds we put out over the whole year, the bramble bushes we leave for cover and fresh water all the time has also brought songbirds to our property... Thus, the owl too. Dad says he even saw a catamount two weeks ago, but I have yet to see proof! Either way, we scan the woods daily for four legged beasts on the prowl.
I hope our 17 make it safely through 'till summer!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

33. The Last Hurrah?

I hope we get just one more storm, but this last one was a doozey!
Here is Kez as Mama Hen:
Look at all that snow!!!!! Yahoo!
On another note, at least the light is aplenty - we got 11 eggs yesterday!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

32. Winter Continues

We have snow!
Usually, that is what we should expect come winter in these parts, but the past few seasons of cold have turned out to be short of the white stuff. Last week we had about 10 inches and yesterday (another snow day, yahoo!) three more.
Here is a picture of our chickens in the snow:
Sadly, one of our beautiful white cochins bit the dust last week... We believe her demise to have been because of our two very large and rowdy roosters competing for her affections... After the spring foxes, we might change up the dynamics of the coop inhabitants. Only time will tell.