Wednesday, July 23, 2008

15. It's All in the Details!

We were very busy the week before last that I never had a minute to post. We were intending to leave for a week's vacation in California, but the coop was not yet finished!

After a 13 hour race to the very last second, we got the chickens inside at dusk. The final hardware cloth attachments to the ground corners was done with a headlamp and fierce determination.

Though the coop still needs siding, roof ends trimmed and backfill to cover up the hardware cloth on the ground, the girls were safe and sound within their castle for six days and nights!
Whoooo hoooo!
Above is the chicken hatch.
We were fearful of raccoons outsmarting us, so not only did we attach a dead bolt, we put a D ring on the end for extra security.

This is the super dutch-door! Again, D clipped at the handle latch.

And, finally, the sweep-hatch.
This is dead bolted as well, though because of the flashing it is quite stiff to open and we opted not to hunt around the house for another D clip. We will most likely add one if it loosens up after regular use.

Maybe we are just neurotic about raccoons, but after perusing the web for predator proof latches, I read enough stories to warrant the concern.
A blurry peek inside the coop!

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