Sunday, March 1, 2009

25. Sad News...

This past week our little Buff-Laced Polish "Lucille" was attacked by a predator in the early evening just as the flock was making their way back into the coop. Dottie, our faithful Wyandotte rooster, came to her rescue but sustained severe injuries which he died from. We are all very sad and missing our cock-a-doodle-doer and the little feather-headed girl. What a loss!

This afternoon we borrowed an incubator from a neighbor and chose a dozen eggs to hatch - we are not certain which are fertile, but are giving it a try just the same. In three weeks we might have new chicks - the countdown begins!

I am going to try and keep a blog-journal of the basics of coop/chicken life on the meet-the-chicks blog. Check there for an update of how - and if - we progress!

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