Thursday, September 10, 2009

30. September Arrives

Over the summer we finished the roof, enclosed a run off the coop hatch and netted over the top. Since then, we've been trying to get other projects on and around the house done and this coop blog has been sorely neglected because of it!!

So, to keep things up to date, we still intend to paint the coop red to match the house and center supports will be needed for the netting before the snow comes... However so far so good. Aside from hearing some raccoons through the woods and the soaring above of hawks and owls, our flock has been safe this season... The fall may bring about new animal antics so we have our eyes out and our ears open.

Inside the coop we created another roost since the newly hatched flock was using the nesting boxes as their night time sleeping spot which, in turn, kept some of the older hens from wanting to lay eggs there during the day... Also, we added some new nesting spots. At next coop clean I will take out the camera and post the photos.

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