Tuesday, May 27, 2008

10. The Home Stretch!

Amazing that the coop is more than an idea!
We started the weekend removing the rain covers and laying the roof planking.
Memorial weekend arrived with unbeatable weather which allowed for good cooping time. Even with all the work to do, we did manage to get together with friends and family, which was great, and they lent a hand with hammering and staple gunning!

Thank you very much!

Now, tar paper covers the roof and weather proof wrap covers the walls - we are close to completing the basic structure!

When my sister saw the coop, she didn't realize how close it was to the house, so I added a picture of them together.

While we intend to enclose a run for them connected to the coop itself, when we are outside we will let them out so they would have freedom to run the property (assuming our furry animal killing mutt has learned proper farm-dog behavior).

In the not so distant future, we could have lunch on the patio while the chickens are clucking, pecking and scratching about looking for grubs in the lawn - cool!

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