Monday, May 19, 2008

8. Hellllloooooo Chickies!

I got the call at 9am this morning that the chicks had arrived!

I raced over to the local feed store to pick up chick starter and grit (I thought they were more likely to make it here tomorrow so I was not completely ready) and then stopped by the friends who put in the order for us.

After a little time spent figuring out which of the 50 or so fluffy baby creatures were the six Araucana and four Black Star chicks we ordered, chirping shoe box in hand and smiling, I made my way home.

Check out the two-day old Chicks!
(They are under a red heat lamp to keep them warm.)

Click here to find out more about the chicks!


wilderness trance said...

Wowwy! Are they under a heat lamp.
So cute they are--we are coming over!

wearehillbillies said...

Love the blog. I wondered when the chicks would arrive. The coop looks well done. I wonder if Lily will fit in the chicken hatch?