Thursday, August 21, 2008

19. Siding...Going...Up...

S..l..o..w..l..y the siding is going up. Time, energy and efforts are waning, but when we step back and see how far we have come, it is amazing, isn't it??

While Dad/Builder struggles with the table saw and the ship lap siding in the under-deck makeshift work space, I have been thinking about the fenced in run attached to the coop. I strung up yarn to tree branches and dug a few holes, but so far the flock is still completely free ranging. I romanticize the winter routine of slogging through the snow in big man muck boots and a work hat while bringing the birds their feed and water, but I doubt it will remain very much fun after the first week!

On a side note, the neighbors who we jointly ordered our chicks with had a surprise gift from one of their hens -an egg!! Wow!
At 15 weeks old I think that is very early, but I quickly put in a nesting area just in case any of the girls get in the mood... We shall see!

There is a golf ball in the nest used as a prop to give the girls the right idea. Who knows? It has worked for some people... We will certainly post any new egg info as soon as we can!

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wilderness trance said...

August? Looks like the coop beat the blog. Lets see some chicken!