Thursday, October 23, 2008

20. What's New?

It has been super busy getting everyone ready for school, into school, home from school, getting homework completed, meals bought, prepared, cooked and cleaned up afterwards, house and dogs sustained, etc. etc. etc. We have slacked off a bit due to the major coop components being mostly finished... But here is an update! (finally!)

The exterior walls have been sided (aside from three on the back due to no more supplies!!), insulation has been put in the ceiling and most of the top vents, heavy gauge plastic sheeting hangs over the windows (except for the one over a sitting platform, they like to look out!) and a double layer of shavings covers the floor. Yup! It is time for winter!
While we still need to cut the excess roof off the sides and shingle it, there is most certainly a coop on our property! And, best of all, it holds laying chickens!!!!!
The blue/greens on top are from the Araucana chicks (also known as easter eggers), the bottom are from the white Cochins, Jersey Giants and possibly one of the Black Stars... Haven't caught them laying for sure just yet!

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